Beware! Beware!

Each time you step on my toes and think that I enjoy it,

deep inside I’m boiling

Every time you accuse me falsely

and assume that I like carrying the blame

down there I’m burning with rage

Each time you kill my dreams

and imagine that I’ll forget them

underneath I’m seething in pain


Whenever you drag my name in the mud

and choose to believe it means nothing to me

behind the smiles I’m suppressing sighs of fire

The numerous occasions you trample on my feelings

and conclude that being stone I won’t flinch

trapped beneath, rivers of tears swell each day


beware I tell you

beware in as much as you dare

beware for as long as I can bear

beware if at all you remember to care

BEWARE! That as the devil’s incarnate;

I may not catch you unaware


Author: Colman Ntungwerisho

Law student, believer, dreamer, eternal optimist. Hope, faith and love. It takes 10,000 hours to master your craft I love writing and photography. The best is yet to come.

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