A Year Of Musings


I opened this blog a year ago when I was fresh out of high school with 9 months of holiday on my hands and my fingers itching to write down something on almost anything and the time to develop and improve an old hobby; photography which i both hoped to share with the world to critique. Did i succeed? The jury is out to give its verdict.

Occasionally, I found myself writing without any compulsion but on other lyrically dry days I had to stimulate the muse to give me those nice blues that I read through today with so much delight.

Fast forward 1 semester of my first year at university down and here I am with less time on my hands (law school doesn’t  get any easier) but lots of stuff to write down about. The difference in the writing is that it is not only limited to the musings of an idle teenager but the thoughts and insights that a fledgling law student holds about life. Plus thank God I don’t have to appease the muse anymore to send me some beautifully woven words and sentences, they throw themselves-boom-right at me.

Got a month of holiday still ahead of me. I pick up my pen from where I left off with unbound optimism confident that I kept tabs on my muse. But how can I when each day it said

“Fool, look in thy heart and write.”

PS; Please look through all the pieces from the past year and tell me which one you liked the most and which one sucked. the photographs from my learning days in vacation are available on the links below

Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/Colmans-Shots-691982350947517/


Author: Colman Ntungwerisho

Law student, believer, dreamer, eternal optimist. Hope, faith and love. It takes 10,000 hours to master your craft I love writing and photography. The best is yet to come.

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