The camera never lies


And yet she wasn’t ugly per se. No, that would be unfair to the many heads she turned. She was one of those girls whom makeup helped a lot-especially when applied the right way. One of those girls whose selfies appeared stunning when taken at an angle. Her practice and research on Instagram based on likes of her own pictures, had revealed that a slight tilt of the head to the left, with the lips pouted downwards towards the camera, eyebrows raised beguilingly and braids tied down one shoulder always accentuated her cheek bones, enhanced her full lips and hid her prominent forehead. All seven of her latest selfie uploads on Instagram confirmed this. The number of likes and followers had sky rocketed ever since she discovered this new trick. All she adjusted in the subsequent ones was a change of an outfit, or expose a little more cleavage or change the colour of her lipstick.

But when Lisa turned up to take a real portrait at my room based studio in Lumumba that day, she had done an awful job with her makeup. A really awful job. Either she did not have a look in the mirror before she stepped out of her door, or she had very mean friends. The kind of friends who praised you yet in fact you resembled the Clementina Okot P’bitek had described in Song of Lawino. The one whose red lipstick made her look like a wild cat that has dipped its mouth in blood. The only things that deserved credit were the line of studs on each ear which looked like rows of street lights and the hair, which I still credited to her hair stylist.

After failing to gather the courage to say what her friends should have told her, I picked up the camera and clicked away looking for all the right angles momentarily forgetting about my predicament.Many praise Photoshop but hardly ever know about the grudging and dreadfully long hours photographers spend applying masks, filters and more to retouch photos.

Photoshop helps, but the camera never lies. Even Charles Dickens wrote as far back as 1838 that painters make out ladies fairer than they appear, but as for photography, the trade is a tad too honest.



Breakfast with Ghandi and Churchill


my first official photography job

Apart from the fascination and passion that I’ve professed for photography for more than six years now, its four months since I turned my attention to becoming a pro photographer. Over the first three months, I out rightly turned down offers to shoot people’s events especially weddings and giveaways. At the beginning of March, a cousin approached me to take care of the photography at his wedding due Easter weekend in Bunyaruguru, the hilly district in the west. My response was at first apprehensive but I finally made up my mind that the time had finally come to be confident about my ability with the camera. In any case. the wedding was in a months’ time and I would have enough time to prepare. Take a look at some of the shots from my first official photography job, a fete that I am so proud of.

Emmy and Sarah; a love from the hills
Setting the scene; the groom was too nervous to knot his own tie.


And then church



almost every valley in Bunyaruguru has a crater lake and so did the one just below the church. Its beauty and calm was not only inviting but also the ideal background for the outdoor photos.


Black and white may be ancient but it still gives great shots


Applying what I’ve been practicing all along; selective focus, on the tape



Keeping it African


The MC doing her thing


The slight drizzle didn’t stop the co-MC


In Africa we dance



A big thank you to Emmy and Sarah for putting their trust in me, I’ve been oozing confidence since that day.

at the centre of the earth-equator uganda

_MG_6926 _MG_6923 _MG_6915 _MG_6914 _MG_6905 _MG_6902_MG_6897at this roadside restaurant, you have the chance of having a meal at the equator(latitude 0 degrees) or even better sharing a meal in different hemispheres- one chair in the north and another in the south as seen in the backgound

flamingo flair, these beautiful but terribly shy birds let me take a few shots but only for a few seconds and they scampered

_MG_3380 okooIMG_3404

playing with light; here two breathtaking sunsets my camera had the honour of capturing

perfecto sunsett

in the wild

when the hippos are asleep...
when the hippos are asleep…
the early bird