a worthy story to share with all youth – in Uganda and beyond

a worthy story to share with all youth – in Uganda and beyond.



Beware! Beware!

Each time you step on my toes and think that I enjoy it,

deep inside I’m boiling

Every time you accuse me falsely

and assume that I like carrying the blame

down there I’m burning with rage

Each time you kill my dreams

and imagine that I’ll forget them

underneath I’m seething in pain


Whenever you drag my name in the mud

and choose to believe it means nothing to me

behind the smiles I’m suppressing sighs of fire

The numerous occasions you trample on my feelings

and conclude that being stone I won’t flinch

trapped beneath, rivers of tears swell each day


beware I tell you

beware in as much as you dare

beware for as long as I can bear

beware if at all you remember to care

BEWARE! That as the devil’s incarnate;

I may not catch you unaware

in the wild

when the hippos are asleep...
when the hippos are asleep…
the early bird

motion shots

i wanted some photographs of motion and i guessed swimming would give me those. so i called one particular friend of mine who is an avid swimmer and click! i came up with these.

crazy jumps
crazy jumps



motion shots
motion shots


i want to

i long for the tranquil blissful days of summer. _MG_3926where life can be no calmer. i want to fly up above the ground where no mortal hands can reach,sore with the eagles and hug the clouds. i want to peep through an open roof aeroplane and steal a look at God’s face.

i want to swim on my back in clear blue pools head riveted upwards to the sky. l want to roll in the grass, tumble downhill and rumble with nature. i want to walk through the thick forests,_MG_4275 hide under the dense cover, hear the rustle of the leaves as they go down under the weight of each foot. i want to run across bare hills, hear the chirping of the birds, feel the wind on my cheeks and close upon my heels.

i want to watch the sunIMG_2800 set as it goes to sleep and roast fresh-smelling maize cobs in the dark on a small wood fire. i want to        listen to the music of the creaking crickets and croaking toads. i want to chase after fireflies and reach out to touch the stars on tiptoe

at the end of the day i want to lie back in a comfy bed of hay and from there dream of the rest of Gods creation.

yes, this and much more i want to do

the start

my candle burns at both ends,

it may not last the night,IMG_0270

but ah my friends, and oh my foes

it gives a lovely light